About eKM

What It’s About and How You Can Join eKM!

e-Knowledge Management is a professional virtual space dedicated to a wide community of local government experts and other actors involved in local development and decentralisation. eKM web platform

eKM administrates advances knowledge`s, manuals and training curricula in 4 (four) themalic areas, where dldp provides its expertise:

      • Public Finance Management
      • Solid Waste Management
      • eGovernment and Communication
      • Fund Access


Each of these 4 thematic lines are designed to help all the interested experts that are working in one of these areas (in policy making or executive level), to continuously improve their skills and knowledge capacities. eKM web platform offers updated expertise of good practices and it suggest though e-Discussion tool, the ideas exchange on themes that are subject of your interest

The experts of centers of competence have the opportunity to utilize the Blog space of eKM, in order to validate policy papers, reports or good practices, as well as to directly contribute in their revision and improvement.

eKM has been experienced also as an online consultative space for decentralization strategy, providing the access of different documents and recommendations related to the revision process of decentralization strategy. DLDP, through its expertise and centers of competences has utilized the online validation of its key recommendations for decentralization strategy. The final outcome is introduced to the Working Group for the revision of the decentralization Strategy.

e-Knowledge Management platform aims to offer an innovative methodology of advanced and continues professional training, through the use of ICT and e-tools. eKM intends to connect the experts of local government and to improve the quality of capacity building in national level.